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Useful resources

  • A guide to avoiding job substitution - Volunteering England’s guide to help volunteering organisations ensure volunteers are not substituting for paid staff when services are being cut
  • Disability FOCUS Guide Facilities Management - Guidance on planning, organising and delivering accessible and inclusive provision for disabled people within facilities management areas of activity produced by Action on Access
  • Nic Hamilton, a true inspiration – BBC News clip adding powerful testament to the fact that as disabled people, we can do anything we want too!  True inspiration from Nic Hamilton on his journey to become a racing driver
  • Volunteering for Everyone - A guide from Mencap and Volunteering England for organisations who want to include and recruit volunteers who have a learning disability
  • Disabled Persons Rail card – Information on applying for a rail card, getting discounted travel, travel advice, accessibility guidance and much more…
  • Research Mind Map: Engaging Disabled Volunteers – A comprehensive map of research associated with inclusive volunteering from across the world.  Produced by the Attend Academy in association with Action Learning Days co-delivered by The Inspirations Consultancy
  • BBC Inside Out – Some of my past Scope colleagues investigate the accessibility of London hotels ahead of the Olympiic Games and reveal just how much work still needs to be done
  • The Quick guide to Public Body duties - Guidance from The Government Equalities Office on specific duties applying to public bodies in England including examples of the information public bodies should consider when setting equality objectives
  • Deaf Jam – Short films about Deaf people taking part in rap, hip hop and poetry slams in the USA
  • Disabled Accessible Travel - Useful guidance, hits and trips on accessible travel in Spain, Europe and Worldwide!  Includes information about transport, accommodations, tours and much more…
  • Hidden in Plain Sight:  The final report from the EHRC’s inquiry into disability-related harassment. The report uncovers harassment as a commonplace experience for disabled people, but a culture of disbelief and systemic institutional failures are preventing it from being tackled effectively
  • Partnership with a differenceReport on Mansfield Volunteer Bureau’s successful partnership with Portland College, a residential college for disabled students which offers the students a taste of voluntary work. This has been the first opportunity the students have had to become involved in their community
    Emily Dawes and Caroline Rhoades 2006
  • Volunteering for Everyone: A guide for organisation who want to recruit volunteers who have a learning disability
    Volunteering England/Mencap 2006
  • Disability and Volunteering – ChecklistA good practice checklist for organisations involving disabled volunteers.  Please be aware that this is from America and their use of language is different to ours
    Volunteer Development Agency 2009